Monday, November 19, 2012

Peeling, Shredding... shedding...

November 2012 themes:  
Stripping away to the base elements... peeling paint, stripping bark layers... the textured layers on the way to the core...

The studio space is now more spare (yet more furniture giveaways), to allow for a 100 x 100 work wall which is now in place.  I am quite itching to get to a series of larger works again, once the Blanco Holiday Open House this Friday November 23rd concludes.

A note of interest which I should have spread the word about, but haven't:

For another 2 weeks I have work on exhibit at the newly reopened Santa Anita Gallery in McAllen, Texas; Linda Lewis being the new owner/curator.  Lisa Kerpoe's fabulous art is also featured.

Linda Lewis Gallery
Santa Anita Gallery Building
1500 Pecan Blvd.
McAllen, TX  75201

The show is up through end of November; 
Hours:  Tues - Thurs 12 --6pm ; Sat 10 - 5 pm
or by appointment

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